A Trip to Costco (in Lune)

Are you a member?

Yes I am.

Enjoy the chaos.


Now what do I need?


But oh, these TVs.


Stomach is growling.

What to do?

Thank God for samples.


Fifty seven eggs.

Three dollars.

Cannot pass this up!


Six pounds of pepper.

One dollar.

Now where is the salt?


One gallon ketchup.

This can’t be!

And yet it still is.


This cart is heavy.

Yet empty.

So much for physics.


Get me out of here!

But where, how?

Wait, do I need tires?


This cashier is rude.

No surprise.

It’s a madhouse here.


Oh, hallelujah!

It’s over.

Forgot bananas.

Featured image by Stu Pendousmat


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