His methods are unusual to say the least. Upon exposure, he unleashes a relentless attack with incredible specificity. His processes are tightly orchestrated, involving several structural components. Once inside, he unpacks his cargo, containing tools and maps. Using the world around him, he replicates, hijacks, and incorporates. From here on, his programs are permanently encoded. His onslaught is aggressive—duplication, triplication, and so on and so forth. Forming millions of copies, he decimates. His neighbors don’t like him.

Most of his victims belong to a group of “typical progressors” which (if left alone) will develop persistence during the chronic phase, due in part to latent pools of what’s left behind. Among experts, there are theories: (1) promote him, expose him, and purge him or (2) just leave him be.

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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