There You Are

Congratulations! You made it, you’re here, in one piece—or at the very least, many broken pieces taped together so delicately that your whole world could come crashing down at any moment.

Rest assured, however, that you exist. Actually, I take that back. There’s a small chance you don’t exist. In fact, it’s entirely plausible that everything in and around you is completely fabricated for the amusement of a higher species. That doesn’t negate the fact that you’re here, which is really the more important thing. And by “here” we really mean “somewhere.” Afterall, where you think you are may be lightyears removed from where you actually exist. Einstein tells us that your presence in space-time is all relative and that if you’re heavy enough, you’ll mess the whole thing up—like a bowling ball on a stack of Kleenex.

Thanks to astrophysics, we do know that you’re composed of space matter—like Orion’s belt. And just like the stars, we’re not exactly sure how you formed or when you’ll be blowing up. Most likely it will be sometime in the next three billion years—although it could be Tuesday. We’re really not sure.

In any event, you made it this far, so take comfort in knowing that while so many others didn’t make it—you did. That has to count for something. After-all, baseball teaches us that 90% of success is just being present, which is something you most-definitely are. Unless you’re one of those people who’s always late for stuff, which would make you eventually-present, which may not count for very much at all.

Featured image by Eexistentialcrisiss 


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