Perfect symmetry—in everything, always. That’s where happiness is found—in the subconscious adjustment and re-adjustment of body parts. Along asphalt and gravel, muddy grass and concrete. Across tracks of carcinogenic rubber and through limestone trails in the woods where trains use to run. Over bridges (manmade or otherwise) and down passages where pariahs dwell. Drawing the suspicious gaze of dog walkers and lawmen, while traversing snow-covered roads at night. Embracing the elements—all of them. Reclaiming the earth, with rapid foot-strikes in endless succession, unknowingly timed to heartbeats and breaths.

The repertoire begins and ends at the ground, but is controlled between the ears. Accordingly, these movements of instinct are most limited by thought. “Run dumb” they say, and for good reason. Thought is the enemy. Burning, aching, exhaustion, heat. These are constructs intended to distract. Whether or not they truly exist is a matter of perspective, or lack thereof. Focus on nothing, and everything will fall into place. A foot-strike is only as good as its intention. Will you be graceful, light, dynamic, or will you be everything else entirely? Having no intention, is an intention to fail—to be heavy, static, gorilla-esque. This is not a question of body type or experience, rather a question of what rules you. Own your mind, or be owned. Think lightly and you will be lightly. Think heavy and…

As in life, transitions are important. From foot to ankle, ankle to knee, knees to hips, hips to arms, upwards and onwards. The mechanics of your biology are very much predetermined. That is to say, the delicate nuances of your movement (alignment, pronation, etc.) are programmed. That is not to say, you are incapable of movement. Furniture is incapable, you are not. With time and pain, transitions will be modified and optimized to propel you in ways that are efficient and effortless. Blood will travel through you quicker and with more oxygen. You will be faster, yet your heart will beat slower. You will be stronger, yet you will often feel weaker. The great dichotomies of life will be alive in you. Acknowledge them.

Trust in the process of evolution. Your species, unlike any other, has been groomed to move this way through centuries of practice, covering great distances at even pace. Do not heed the advice of motivational speakers who tell you to, “never look back.” For God’s sake man, look back! Look forwards, and upwards, and downwards. You are traveling the earth by your own locomotion, self-powered, with nothing more than foot-strikes. What a wonderful thing indeed!

Featured image by Linh Nguyen 


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